The Process - How We'll Work Together

It's Fun and Easy

1.  ​​The process begins when you email me with the size portrait you wish to purchase, and your photos of your pet, along with any photos of your decor (for matching background of portrait).
2. I will ask you many questions about your pet; his unique personality traits, her quirks, etc. That helps me to truly capture his or her in the portrait. I would also like to know what colors you would like in the background of the portrait (I can match to your decor, a favorite pattern, fabric, etc.)
3. We'll discuss and figure out together which photo of your pet is the best to work with. We'll have fun!
4.  After about one-two weeks, I will email and/or text to you a picture of the charcoal drawing on the canvas, for your approval. Once you approve, the painting will take another 3 - 4 weeks. 

5. I'll continue to email or text to you photos of the progression of the painting, for your review and approval. I welcome your comments, including any changes you would like to make during 

any of the stages.
6. I will contact you to arrange to meet to give you the painting, or I will pack and ship to you (additional charge, billed at actual cost).
7. Once the painting is in your hands, the canvas becomes your personal property.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

I never consider any portrait completed, or send it out, until I am totally thrilled with it. However, if for any reason you are not happy, I will return your money minus the cost of shipping the painting to you (if shipping is applicable). You will need to pay for shipping the portrait back to me. Upon my receipt of the original painted portrait in its original condition, I will issue a refund in the same payment format you paid, within 10 business days.

Payment Terms

Full payment by personal check, cash, Venmo or Cash app is required prior to any work started. 

For gift certificates or for ordering a commissioned painting and getting in the queue, a 50% deposit is required at time of commitment, and balance due when portrait is started.

 PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are also accepted as payment, but I will need to add 4% to sales price to cover my processing fees. 

If I need to ship the finished portrait to you, the shipping costs are additional and charged without any markup - will be actual cost of packaging and shipping via the client's preferred method. The payment for the shipping/packaging is due before I can ship.

The Small Print

By accepting the painted canvas, you agree to allow me to use any and all of your provided photos of the subject pet, plus my photographic images of the finished painting, in any and all Haute Dauge Portraits marketing materials, including this website, all social media, brochures, business cards and signage. You also give me permission to communicate in all Haute Dauge Portraits marketing materials, including this website, the pet's first name, breed and city/state or country where he or she resides or resided, These rights are accepted by you for unlimited time with no restraints, unless we have a pre-arranged agreement in writing. In addition, all artwork created by Karen L. Dortschy is copyrighted by Karen L. Dortschy and Haute Dauge Portraits. No duplication, reproduction or printing of art created by Karen L. Dortschy is permitted without her written consent.  

How to Take a Great Photo of Your Pet

The pet that you see in your photo is what you can expect to see in your custom pet portrait. Your photo(s) is all I have to work with, as it is the only image that I have seen of your beloved pet. The basic pose in the photo is what your portrait will pretty much look like. If your pet is looking straight at the camera in the photo, the portrait will show your pet looking straight at you. While I can add a bandana, collar or even a tongue or paw, the portrait will look very close to what image you provide. 

Taking Great Photos of Your Pet

  • Get on the same level as your pet. If your pet is small, place your pet on the stairs, bed or sofa; any surface that will elevate her to your level will work. 
  • The more light and variance you can show in your pet's coat, the better. For example, a solid black dog isn't really solid; the coat has shadows and light that create numerous tones of black. 
  • Outdoor photos are great because natural light can show off your pet's coat. 
  • Don't worry about the background. I will paint a custom background that matches your home or office decor, so please include photos of your carpeting, sofa, walls or other decor so I can work with your favorite colors in the portrait background. Or, I can paint your pet outdoors on grass, the beach, etc., although as an artist, I favor simple backgrounds so that the pet is the star of the painting.


Pricing is available upon request. 

Prices have increased every quarter year, since 2016. 

If you purchase a gift certificate or are placed in queue, your pricing is based is when you commit to the portrait and pay a deposit, not when I actually 

start the painting.

Canvas sizes begin at 12" x 12" and portrait commissions start at $418. USD.

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